An Inspiring Story of Rebuilding with John Gargano

Witness John Gargano's incredible journey, turning trials into triumph, on this week's episode.

An Inspiring Story of Rebuilding with John Gargano

Today on Celebrations Chatter, John Gargano, General Manager at Craft, joins Jim to share one of the most emotional and inspiring stories I’ve ever encountered.

Faced with what he thought to be a life-ending diagnosis, John gave up and fell into an addiction which led to a prison sentence, during which John built himself back up from scratch. He was eventually released under President Obama’s clemency program, but John’s story doesn’t end there.

Given a second chance, John was relentless and used every opportunity he had available to succeed. “It was a rough road,” but John’s message to everyone is so powerful, “With the right choices and motivation you can change anything.”

John and Jim met through Crafted Hospitality, which operates restaurants by the award-winning chef Tom Colicchio. A partner of Smile Farms, Craft offers employment to adults with disabilities and provides opportunities for growth. Through them, Jim got to know John and hear about his incredible journey of second chances and redemption.

Join us for this can’t-miss interview that just may bring a tear to your eye.


Jim McCann