Creating Meaningful Work Opportunities for All

Celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month with inspiring organizations, John's Crazy Socks and Smile Farms, and learn about their accomplishments on this week's episode

Creating Meaningful Work Opportunities for All

In honor of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we are hosting a special episode of Celebrations Chatter with two incredible organizations doing a lot of good in the world: John’s Crazy Socks and Smile Farms.

John’s Crazy Socks was founded by John Cronin, a young man with Down Syndrome, along with his father Mark. Together, they aim to spread happiness and to prove what’s possible when you give someone who is differently abled a chance.

Creating meaningful work opportunities for differently abled people is near and dear to my heart. My brother Kevin, born with developmental disabilities, inspired our family to start Smile Farms. Together with our Managing Director, Diana Martin, Smile Farms has been able to help many developmentally disabled adults find employment in the agricultural industry and beyond.

Listen to us explore what these amazing organizations have accomplished here on Celebrations Chatter.


Jim McCann